Spay / Neuter Program

for Pit Bull Type Dogs

Fix A Bull WNY

*Spay/Neuter Applications are Closed due to overwhelming response and limited surgery dates.  Thank you for stopping by! 


Fixing One Pittie at a Time!

Fix A Bull’s goal is to help reduce the population to prevent the overabundance of pit bull type dogs and bully breed dogs that end up in shelters.

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Our Philosophy


The Fix A Bull program is geared toward responsible owners who just need help getting their bully breed dog altered. The program targets local struggling families, which are families and individuals that have the means to take care of their dog, but have trouble finding the funds to pay for their pet’s surgery, which in some cases can be several hundred dollars, which is difficult for the average family to come up with. Using HEAP guidelines, we look at not only the income, but the number of people living in the household. We also look at circumstances that might have  presented a family with financial hardships due to no fault of their own and many times will qualify people even though they might not be within those financial guidelines. Most spay/neuter programs are for low income families on public assistance, so many deserving families are not able to get their beloved dogs altered because they just cannot afford it and there are no programs to help them.

Many of these families end up with unplanned litters of puppies that subsequently either find homes with friends or strangers or are surrendered to shelters for placement. Many times the pups are placed with people without being altered and the cycle continues as more and more bully breed dogs end up in shelters. 

The program is geared for bully breed dogs, not because we think they are different than any other dog, but because many uneducated people and some municipalities put them in a category all their own and make it difficult for people to welcome them into their families.  People that would be happy to share their lives with a bully breed dog are stopped by insurance restrictions, housing restrictions, local laws and unsupportive friends or family.  Because of this, pit bulls and other bully breeds are often overlooked in shelters and are three times more likely to be killed by shelters than other breeds.


Recent Spay / Neuters

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