Angel Day

Come Join Us and Support Fix A Bull WNY and Angel Day!


What is Angel Day?

Angel Day is a day that non-profits across the nation hold free spay and neuter clinics for pit-bull type dogs. The event takes place each year on April 2nd. The program exists thanks to the Stand Up for Pits Foundation, who fully funds every single spay and neuter surgery. Each year thousands of dogs are “fixed” on Angel Day!

Fix A Bull WNY has proudly participated in this annual event since 2018. We partner with the Niagara County SPCA who provides the use of their facility and performs all of the spay and neuter surgeries.

Why is it Important?

There are millions of unwanted and homeless pit bull-type dogs across the country. Breeding dogs, especially the pit-bull types that already make up the majority of dogs in shelters, only exacerbates the problem. Angel Day was created to be part of the solution by making spay and neuter surgeries available to more of these dogs.

Angel was the beloved dog of Rebecca Corry, the founder and president of the Stand Up for Pits Foundation. Angel was a pit bull-type dog who had clearly been used for breeding before she was adopted. Angel Day happens every year as a way to honor Angel and her memory.

You can check out photos from our last Angel Day on our Facebook page here!