How it Works

What are the steps to getting my bully breed dog altered?

Submit an application: You can find the application under the Fix A Bull application on the top menu. Once the application is submitted a Fix A Bull representative will contact you to let you know it has been received.

Email a photo: Email us a photo at This photo is to ensure that the dog you are asking to get altered qualifies for the program. Please include you and your dog’s name.

Wait a week: Wait at least a week for a volunteer to get in touch with you. All volunteers have full-time jobs and run their own organizations, so it sometimes takes a little time for us to get back to you. If you haven’t heard within a week after submitting your application, feel free to follow up at

Appointments: Once you have been approved, we will work with you to schedule a spay/neuter appointment at one of our participating vets. Currently, all our participating vets are in the Buffalo area, so be prepared to transport your dog to the vet early in the morning and pick up later that same day. You might need to take a day off work or arrange with a friend to transport the dog.

Intake Packet: Once your appointment has been scheduled, Fix-a-Bull will send you an intake packet with instructions, time/date/place of the scheduled appointment and a tube of flea treatment and worming meds. Our participating vets have asked that all animals be flea treated and wormed prior to surgery to protect their regular clients. An animal under anesthesia has a drop of body temp that causes fleas to immediately “jump ship” off the dog.

What is included and paid by Fix A Bull?

  • Sterilization (Spay/Neuter)
  • IV Fluids for all females
  • Updated vaccinations (please note under rabies requirements below)
  • Microchip

What are the requirements?

Fix A Bull uses HEAP income guidelines as our baseline, which you can find here. However, we also understand that there are circumstances in life that may go above and beyond your financial means even if you don’t quite meet HEAP requirements. If this is the case, please feel free to contact us to explain your special circumstances.

Dogs over the age of 6 months must have been vaccinated for rabies as required by law. There are many free rabies clinics in the area as well as low-cost vaccination clinics at some pet supply stores. If you aren’t sure where, feel free to email us to ask.

A desire to do what is best for your dog.

Other Important Information:

  • Dogs must be a minimum of 4 months old.
  • Females dogs that have had a heat cycle must be at least 8 weeks post-heat for surgery.