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We strive to help our local dogs live longer and healthier lives. By providing spay/neuters, we believe we are making an impact in your dogs’ lives and yours too.

In 2010, member groups of the Animal Alliance of WNY started discussing the need for a spay/neuter program specifically targeted toward bully breed dogs. The overabundance of dogs labeled Pit Bull type dogs, American Bulldogs, Am Staffs, Rottweilers and Mastiff’s made up the bulk of dogs destroyed in shelters. In the local city shelter, it was not unusual to see several litters of 8 or 9 puppies in the kennels or in foster care. Research found that many of these litters were “oops” litters because of owners that could not afford to have their bully breed dog altered but didn’t qualify for programs that target low-income families because they were not on NY State benefit programs. Many wanted to get their dog altered but just couldn’t afford the large lump sum that was necessary for sterilization surgery. Many of these people took these dogs in from neighbors who weren’t taking care of the dog, or found it as a stray and didn’t want to take it to a shelter where its chances were only 50% of making it to the adoption floor, so they kept the dog. Our goal is to support responsible owners that try hard to give the best possible life to their bully breed dog with a little help.

The program is administered by members of various groups, including Pets Alive WNY and Pound Hounds & Friends, Inc. We hold various fundraising events to help sustain our program with Rock A Bully being our biggest and most popular event.


What Drives Us

Our Mission

Fix A Bull is an organization that works with local animal hospitals to provide free spay/neuter services for bully breed dogs. With your donations, the organization is able to further our objectives of reducing shelter euthanasia by reducing intakes, promote responsible guardianship through outreach and education campaigns, and encourage continued veterinary services and animal health care.

Save a Life

Why Spay/Neuter?

You love your Dog and want them to live a long, happy life

Spaying and neutering reduces the risk of certain types of cancers and infections, especially if it is performed prior to the first heat in females and before puberty in males. 

You want our dog to live a life free from stress and frustration

Intact males can smell females in heat miles away. They are in a constant state of frustration when triggered by their sexual hormones but not able to do anything about it. 

spayed females are more stable and even-tempered

The female reproductive cycle lasts 6 months. During that cycle, she goes through frequent hormonal changes that directly influence her behavior. Think of it this way: The premenstrual cycle (PMS) of a female dog lasts several months. 

Neutered males are easier to control and are less aggressive

The majority of dog bites are made by intact males.